Anglican Children Ministry (ACM)

Anglican Children Ministry (ACM)

Aims and Objectives

Rev. Shedrach Esinmekara (Chaplain)

Rev. Shedrach Esinmekara (Chaplain)

It was founded or formed purely for evangelism which is the heart beat of God.

The aims and objectives of ACM, therefore, include the following:

  1. The upbringing of children and young people in the fear of the Lord.
  2. Guiding them to learn, to study and to pray daily.
  3. Instructing children and young people in the Anglican faith,
  4. Helping children and young people in the Anglican faith to become disciplined and growing Christian.
  5. In several other acceptable ways to help them to deepen their spiritual life through worship.

The Pledge

Each child in ACM has to pledge his time, talent, life, leisure and service to our Lord Jesus Christ thus:

  1. To read the Bible daily
  2. To pray daily
  3. To attend church services regularly
  4. To bear witness for Christ
  5. To set good examples
  6. To receive Holy Communion regularly (once confirmed)
  7. TO study and to be of good service to the family, the church and the nation


The motto of ACM is “Catch them young for Christ”.


God had used ACM to evangelise in many places. Revivals in this church were originated by the ACM. The first gospel band in the church was purchased by ACM. Many of them are teachers in Sunday School.


Because of vast nature of Lagos and places members do come from and for the purpose of knowing ourselves and development that might crop up anytime, we had to create zones. For now we have six zones; namely:- Cathedral, Calabar, Ikom, Ogoja, Ascension, Efut Zones. Each zone has a leader and secretary and these two have to report to the central executive whatever development that arise in their zones. The leaders and secretaries are members of the exco. The zones also can organise evangelism, night vigils and visitations on their own.

Patrons and Matrons

We have some Patrons and Patronases who stand by us for financial and moral help.

Our Fellowship days

We do have our fellowship every Thursday by 6pm.

Ordained Priests

ACM of All Saints had succeeded in bringing up many ordained Priests in Anglican Communion. Many of them are serving in the eastern part of the country and many are in Lagos province of Anglican Communion and few in West.

Subsidiaries of ACM

To make the work of God easier, we have to create other units in the ministry. The units are Evangelism, Band, Prayer, Children, Sisters Fellowship, Marriage Committee, Demonstration Night and Transport. Every unit has her duty to perform.

Evangelical Unit

As stated earlier this unit is meant to carry out the great commission of Jesus to his people after resurrection as recorded in the gospel according to St. Matthew 28:18-20

Gospel Band

Anglican children ministry of All Saints Church Surulere Lagos has gospel band with which we go evangelism. The band do play in occasions like wedding, burial, crusade etc. The band is at anybody’s service if you need it. Meanwhile, the band only play in the gathering of children of God because there are things the Anglican children ministry the owners of the band don’t associate with.

Prayer Unit

The members of prayer unit do gather every Wednesday night by 10pm to pray.

Children Unit

Catch them young for Christ is the motto of ACM. For this purpose, we don’t play with anything concerning the up bring of our children in Christian way of life. The children have good teachers. The children also have some gadgets which the teachers use in teaching them.

Sisters’ Fellowship

This unit is meant for our sisters, married and single. They gather every third Saturday of the month by 4pm. They educate themselves on how to be virtuous women and make their families Christ-like. They sometimes separate themselves and seek the face of the Lord in camps and retreats. The sisters do invite intellectuals to educate them in diverse things.

Marriage Committee

This unit is formed to guide our young ones who want to go into marriage. They guide and pray with the person so that no one will regret his or her marriage.

Demonstration Night

This is a vigil held every Wednesday by 12 mid-night. It is meant for everybody, both ACM members, members of the church and none members of the church. It is an all night of prayers.

Transport Unit

For free movement, we had to create this unit because we travel a lot for evangelism and other things. Our transport unit is at your doorstep in case you need their service. Our bus can take you to any place you want to go within the country.


Anglican Children Ministry is open to everybody.


Chief Magistrate Mrs. Eunice Dada


Rev Dickson Uzoeto