1Corinthians 11:17-34

(Maundy Thursday)

We are often advised against looking back. Yet there are times when we must look back and
recollect. The Lord’s Supper is such a time. Each time we commemorate the Lord’s Supper,
we look back to the night when Jesus was betrayed (v.23) and also at His death. We also look
ahead to His return – the blessed hope of the church (v.26b). Moreover, in the Lord’s Supper,
we look within (vs.27-28, 31-32) to examine our hearts, judge and confess the sins in our
own lives before God exposes them. If we eat and drink in an unworthy manner, we bring
judgment on ourselves. Finally, in the Lord’s Supper, we look around (vs.33-34) to discern
the Lord’s body and demonstrate its unity.
The Lord’s Supper is a time of remembrance, repentance and renewal. In it, you can find the
reason for your existence as a believer and hope for your future. It is God’s way of getting us
to keep the cross of Christ central in our lives and nourishing and refreshing our souls for
eternal life. Each time you partake of the bread and the cup, remember that Jesus Christ took
“your hell” so you might have His heaven. If you receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour, the Holy
Spirit reminds you of this memorial each time you commune with the Lord! What a fitting

PRAYER: Thank You Lord for the memorial ordained for my benefit. Grant that it does not
take the place of Christ in me.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

John 19:12-30

(Wednesday of Holy Week)


Pilate was convinced of the innocence of Jesus and sought to release Him instead of yielding to the malice and envy of the people. But the Jews insisted! Pilate did not want to lose the favour of Caesar or be considered unfaithful, so he delivered Jesus into their hands. They took Jesus away and crucified Him. When He asked for water, they soaked a sponge in vinegar and gave Him. Jesus looked up to heaven and cried, “It is finished.” By this, Jesus is saying that His job of saving the world has been completed. His sacrifice was not only perfect but acceptable to God. Sin has a devastating effect of separating us from God. Jesus had to deal with sin and restore our relationship with God so we can have hope of heaven. He died on the cross to get rid of the power of sin. By His death, He reconciled us to God, paid the price of sin in full – cancelled all debts, procured complete peace, pardon and forgiveness for us. He has finished the task and nothing else needs to be done or added to what has been done. Salvation is complete. All that is needed of you is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Have you believed? If not, you can do it today. PRAYER: Lord Jesus, Your death has given me hope of life forever. Help me to believe You with all my heart.

CHOOSE LIFE(Tuesday, April 16, 2019 )

CHOOSE LIFE(Tuesday, April 16, 2019 )


Tuesday, April 16, 2019 
(Tuesday of Holy Week)
John 18:28-40

Jesus was taken from the Garden of Gethsemane to Annas and then to Caiaphas where
selected members of the Sanhedrin gathered. False witnesses came forward to testify against
Him. During the examination, no evidence was found against Him. But instead of dismissing
Him, they proceeded to hold an illegal court where they condemned Jesus to death on the
charge of blasphemy. They took Him to Pilate – the Roman governor – where they changed
their charge against Jesus from blasphemy to treason! Pilate examined Him and attempted to
release Him because he knew that He was innocent, but the people pushed for His death.
When given the opportunity to choose whom he should release to them, the Jews chose
Barabbas – a notorious prisoner, a robber, a rebel, a murderer! They chose to have a murderer
and robber live among them than Jesus, the giver of life. Barabbas was set free but the King
of glory was sentenced to die!
Today, the choice before us is the choice between eternal life and eternal death. Jesus offers
eternal life but the world and its pleasures offer eternal death. You have a choice today.
Choose Jesus Christ and you will reign eternally with Him in heaven. This choice begins with
a humble confession of your sin and invitation of Christ into your life!

PRAYER: Eternal God, give me grace to choose Christ today over and above all others



3 June

Text: Matthew 6:5-13
Aim: To show that God can and will save and rescue those who depend on Him from evil
In a previous study, we examined the need to seek God’s protection and guidance away from
the snares of the devil. Today, we shall examine the need to ask for God’s deliverance from evil
1 What do you understand by”but deliver us from evil”(v.13)? see also V.13(GNB)
Dan.627(NIV), Jn 17:15(AMP).

2 Comment on the nature of evil from which on can seek deliverance in Ps. 39:8, 34:4, 91:3
5-6,10(GNB),Rom 8;35-38,Dan 622, 3:17, Ezra 8:31, 1Tim.6:9-10,Lk.10:17-19.

3(a)How was the prayer “deliver us from evil” answered in Exo.12:21-30, Dan 3:24-27, Acts. 12:7-11, 16:25-26, 2Kings6:15-23
(b) share your experience of God’s deliverance from evil.

(4) What do we learn from:prov.11:18, Isa.41:10,ps. 34:7, 50:5, Eph.6:10-18

“Deliver us from evil” is a cry for God to save, rescue and free us from the devil’s influence, morally wrong acts, objectionable behaviour
and sin that daily cofront us. Everyone who accepts the victory that Christ won on the cross and who live righteous in th present world shall be deliverd

And the Lord will rescue me from all evil and take me safly into His heavenly kingdom(2Tim 4:8).