Calabar Archdeaconry






Calabar Archdeaconry

Ven. Barr. Lawrence Umar (Archdeacon of Calabar Archdeaconry)

As we have often stated in our Synods, the establishment of the churches in Calabar area, was affected by a general historical outlay following an agreement entered into by the Christian Churches in the closing years of the 19th Century. The agreement stipulated that churches around Cross River areas and part of the present Akwa Ibom State should be zoned to the Presbyterian, Methodist and Qua Iboe Churches as their areas of operation. This was to the exclusion of the Anglican Mission.  The Anglican mission was then confined to the Niger Delta, Imo River basin and the Niger lands.  This is probably a major reason for the “newness” of Anglican Church in this part of the country.

By 1908, however, events in the Churches in Calabar town paved way for the rapid growth of the Anglican Church.  The indigenes did not only become interested, they also made huge and impressive donations including lands, bells, organs and money to ensure the immediate take off of the Church.  This was in contrast to what happened in the northern parts of the state such as Ogoja and Ikom. Some of the descendants of such indigenes are still with us in the Cathedral today.  They quickly joined the large congregation of non indigenes who had formed the bulk of the founding members and became a strong integral part of the body in the Church.

The Clergy of the early years, who helped to lay the foundation of Anglicanism in Calabar were talented and dedicated men.  Through negotiations with the Niger Delta Pastorate, the new Church was accepted as a part of the Niger Delta Pastorate.  The foundation of the new Church was laid by the Ven. Archdeacon D. C. Crowther.  Rev. Max A. Cole built the Holy Trinity Primary School and the Church Hall.  Rev. J. J. Morford, an Afro-American, raised the status of the School and also built the first parsonage, which was later reconstructed as the Bishop’s house and office.  The pictures of some of these early builders and their fellow workers are in the Diocesan pictorial book now being presented today.

History tells us, however, that although the church appeared new on arrival and at its inception in the north, it was quite functional in many ways.

St Jude’s District

St. Jude’s Anglican Church, 4 Eke Effiong Nta, Street, Calabar

Pastors :-

Vicar = Ven. Barr. Lawrence Ngozika Umar  (+234 803 722 8066,  +234 805 401 7817 )

Curates = Rev Canon George Eni (+234 805 775 8237)

Rev. Lazarus Chinedu Aneke (+234 803 558 8162)

All Saints’ Church, Nyaghasan

Pastor = Rev. Stanley Andrew (+234

Anglican Church Esuk Otu

Pastor = Rev. Samuel Ogbuebiele  (+234 803 546 5103)

Emmanuel Church Oban

Pastor = Rev. Gospel Ojiaku ( +234

St. Jude’s Anglican Church Ndigane

Mission Worker = Evang. Dickson Ejike

Anglican Church, Spring Road, Essien Town, Calabar

Mission Worker = Ord. Paul Onwualor


St. Paul’s Anglican Church Akamkpa

Pastor = Rev. Can. Clifford Chukwuedo ( +234 806 080 4742)

St. James’ Anglican Church Old Netim

Pastor = Rev. Wilfred Igwe

Emmanuel Anglican Church Nsan Village

Pastor = Rev. Macaulay Ihejimba

St. Francis Anglican Church Mbarakom 2

Pastor = Rev. Jackson Obi

All Saints Anglican Church Awi

Pastor = Rev. Dr. Clement Enunwa (+234 806 963 0890)



New life Anglican Church Obun

Mission Worker = Ord. Riman Urom Ofem

Ebenezar Anglican Church Ayaebam

Mission Worker = Evang. Emmanuel Erim Ogar

St. Peter’s Anglican Church Mbarakom 1

Mission Worker = Bro. Onyeka Joseph Aku


St. Philip’s Anglican Church Unyagha

Pastor = Rev. Ikechukwu Nwachukwu

St. Peter’s Anglican Church Akpet Central

Pastor = Rev. Ositadinma Durugbo

St. Matthias’ Anglican Church Big Iwuru

Pastor = Rev. Emmanuel Anyogu( +234 803 896 9131 )

Our Saviour’s Anglican Church Iwuru Central

Mission Worker = Ord. James Azuma Okeke

Our Redeemer’s Anglican Church Betem


St. Michael’s Anglican Church Ikang

Pastor = Rev. Joseph Ighomereho ( +234 803 095 8760 )

Mission Worker = Evang. Emmanuel Ekwere

St. Silas’ Anglican Church Ikot Nakanda

Mission Worker = Evang. Isaac Ogar

Anglican Church Akwa NCE Obuntong

Mission Worker = Evang.Kennedy Igwe


St. John’s Anglican Church Creek Town

Pastor = Rev. Chukwuduro Okonkwo

St. Thomas Anglican Church Okirikang

Pastor = Rev. Nnadozie E. Osuji ( +234 803 846 0604 , +234 902 068 8967 )


St. Barnabas Anglican Church Ediba

Pastor = Rev. Shedrach Esimekara ( +234 803 092 8644 )

Christ Anglican Church Itigid

Pastor = Rev. Chidiebere Echefu( +234 806 385 1293 )

Holy Ghost Anglican Church Abeugo

Mission Worker = Ord. Emmanuel Ejiogu

St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church Igbo Ekureku

Mission Worker = Evang. Felix Okoye

Overcomer’s Anglican Church Adadama

Mission Worker = Evang. John Bassey

St. Cyprian’s Anglican Church Ijom

Mission Worker = Ord. Emeka Nweke