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Ogoja Archdeaconry

Ven John Echefuna Uka

Ven John Echefuna Uka

About 40 years ago, Ogoja as a parish, began to function gradually. It started with Ogoja parish at St. Barnabas Okuku in 1976. The initiative came up from the labour and activities of a group of people called the “three brothers” who were then residing in Okuku. The small congregation began services in the living room of one Mr. Godwin Okoli. As the church grew, they later moved to Convent School, Okuku. On 3rd of April, 1977, Rev. J. C. Ejim, of blessed memory, visited and named the church St. Barnabas. He was with the team from All Saints’ Church, Abakaliki that came with their Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF). Two weeks later a licensed Lay-Reader, Mr. Samuel Nkwoike, of blessed memory, was posted as the Church Teacher.

As the congregation continued through his efforts, the Church gave birth to St. Peters Church, Igoli, Ogoja on the 4th of May, 1978 which is now the Archdeaconry Headquarters of Ogoja Archdeaconry. Through the combined efforts of St. Barnabas Church, Okuku and St. Peters Church at Igoli, Ogoja, the gospel was carried down to Ikom. On 4th May, 1980, the Church held her first Sunday school at St. Benedict’s Junior Primary School, Igoli. From there, she embarked on evangelical missions and was able to grow numerically and spiritually. It was pastored and led by individuals who have helped to build and develop the potentials over the years.

As at today, Ogoja Archdeaconry has a number of churches enumerated in the historical book of the Diocese now being published. We commend the efforts of a large number of Pastors and Evangelists who did the pioneering job in the area. These include Ven. Ono and others.

The spread of the church to the Eastern part of the north (Yahe) was also a pleasant experience. The first point of call was the present St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Yahe which was opened by Diocese of Abakaliki on 9th September, 2000. Early worshippers used a space inside a pig farm owned by one late Mr. Simon Atrogo. There were two pig houses. The Anglican Church brethren used one while the Deeper Life Bible Church use the other. The Church started with Sir Titus Offia’s family and one other family which has relocated to the village.

When the same land and pig houses were put up for sale, Mr. Titus Offia bought the land and informed the Diocese (Abakaliki) through the Ogoja Parish. The Diocese of Abakaliki refunded the purchasing amount to Mr. Titus Offia and the church took ownership of the entire land and houses.

The Church renovated one of the pig houses which is being used as a parsonage while the second which has also been renovated and being now used as a place of worship. The Church is now a Parish, District and a proposed Yala Missionary Archdeaconry headquarters with eleven or more Churches and preaching stations under it.

From there, and through the efforts of Mission Workers and different Pastors in the Diocese of Calabar, the Church extended to other areas of the local government such as Wanakade, Ukelle, Ipollo-Ntrigon, Ikoko-Ufuma, Ohabene, Obat-Ogor areas, Yahe area, Yala and so on. Before all these, the Church had spread to Okuku and Obudu areas.


Igoli District


Extreme Bansara Street Igoli, Ogoja, Cross River State, Nigeria


Curate:- The Ven. John E. Uka

+2348055107341, +2347038976237

Curate- Rev Young Osita Olekwara


Anglican Church of Ascension, Agiga, Ogoja, Cross River State

Mission Worker –   Evang. . Ifeanyi Amuzienwa

Anglican Church of the Pentecost, Ishibori, Ogoja, Cross River State

Pastor –  Rev.. Emeka Ugadu

St. John The Divine Church, AbalikeOmachi

Mission Worker – Evang. Goodness Ezebonam

St. Andrew’s Church, Abuochiche, Bekwara L.G.A. Cross River State, Nigeria

Pastor – Rev. Ebenezar E. Igwegbe


St. Thomas Anglican Church, Beten, Cross River State, Nigeria

Pastor – Rev. Ifeanyi Nwachukwu

Anglican Church Gakem I, Cross River State, Nigeria

Mission Worker- Evang. Godwin Eba

Anglican Church Gakem II , Cross River State

Mission Worker –  Evang. David Oteyi

Anglican Church Ugboro

Mission Worker = Evang. John Nku

Our Saviour’s Church, Akwurinyi

Pastor = Rev. Andrew U. Okoi

Abakpa District

All Saints Church Abakpa, Ogoja LGA, Cross River State

Pastor = Rev Samuel Obi

St. Bartholomew’s Church, Ndok, Ogoja LGA, Cross River State

Pastor = Rev. Mattias Umeh

Anglican Church Itiloga

Pastor =  Rev. Bitty Asu

St. Stephen’s Church Okundi- Boki, Boki LGA. Cross River State

Pastor = Rev. Amaziah Okoli

Mission Worker = Bro. Ifeanyi Okafor

Holy Trinity Church, Ntamante

Pastor = Rev. John Oguchi

St. Stephen’s Church Agba

Pastor = Rev. Clement Lukpata

Ebenezar’s Church Nkim-Bok

Mission Worker = Bro. Joseph Ojong Eko

St. Philip’s Church Mbok

Mission Worker = Bro. Gabriel Moses

Yahe District

ST. Mary the Virgin Church, Yahe

Pastor = Rev. Can. Chidi S. Egwuatu

+234 703 035 5744, +234 818 993 0820

St. James Church Ipollo- Ntrigom

Pastor = Rev. Onyeka Akife

+234 810 068 0808

St. Gabriel’s Church Ujama

Pastor = Rev. Marcel Obi


St. Mark’s Church , Wanikande

Pastor = Rev. Emeka Chukwuanu

St. Stephen’s Church, Wanokom

Pastor = Rev, Tochukwu Amaefuna

Emmanuel Church Ijibollo I

Mission Worker = Bro. Michael Okpotu

St. Paul’s Church Mfuma

Mission Worker = Evang. Daniel Ukeje

St. Luke’s Church Ebo-Woleche

Mission Worker = Evang. Friday Irek

St. Luke’s Church Ndiogwu

Mission Worker = Bro. Onyeka Prince

Ebenezar Church Ohabene

Mission Worker = Bro. Monday Ege

Anglican Church Uhakilu

Mission Worker = Bro. Abednego Iyaji

Holy Innocent Church Obat, Ogor

Mission Worker = Bro. Moses Ochiaka

St. Peter’s Church Ijibollo

Mission Worker = Bro. John Ogom

Okuku District

St. Barnabas Church Okuku

Pastor = Rev. Godwin Enye

+234 706 439 4222

St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Ugaga

Pastor = Rev. Japhet Agba

+234 803 961 2536

St. John the Baptist Church, Oloko-Ipuole

Pastor = Rev. Nath. U. Onwudiwe

St. David Anglican Church, Okpoma

Pastor = Rev. Can. James Obono

New Covenant Church, Echumofana

Mission Worker = Bro. Patrick Ugana

Living Faith Church Ekpirinyi

Mission Worker = Bro. Simon Odey

Our Redeemer’s Church Ijegu

Mission Worker = Bro. Friday Iyaji

Anglican Church Echakpu

Mission Worker = Bro. Matthew Woda

Anglican Church Oloko, Ogwope

Mission Worker = Bro. Ferdinand Idoko

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Idigbo

Mission Worker = Evang. Timothy Agbom

Emmanuel District

Emmanuel Anglican Church, Obudu

Pastor = Rev Cletus Elekwachi

Our Messiah Anglican Church, Ohong

Pastor = Rev Silas Anyanele

+234 703 503 5050

Mission Worker = Bro. Christian Anehobi

Christ Anglican Church Cattle, Ranch

Mission Worker = Evang. Jeremiah Nwachukwu

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Bebi

Mission Worker = Bro. James Nwogwugwu

St. Michael Anglican Church, Kundeve

Mission Workers = Bro. Linus Akanya

Anglican Church of the Living Faith Wula

Mission Workers = Bro. Sunday Umennakanyi


Our Saviour’s Anglican, Church Obudu


Vicar = Ven. E.O. Anyacho Ph.D

curate = Rev. ThankGod Uchendu

St. Matthias’ Anglican Church, Ofambe

Pastor = Rev. Eleazar S. Chinedu

St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Sankwala

Pastor = Rev. Jacob Ugbeshi

Anglican Church Okiro

Mission Workers = Bro. Praise Ekenze

Christ the King Church Boggo

Mission Worker = Bro. Boniface Apande

Anglican Church Owong

Mission Worker = Bro. Jacob Ikong

Anglican Church Obudu

Mission Worker = Bro Ndubisi Igwe

Yache District

St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Aliforkpa

Pastor = Rev. Paul Ekeanyanwu

St. Thomas Anglican Church, Gabu I

Pastor = Rev. Emeka C. Anugwara

St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Ijegu-Yache

Pastor = Rev. Samuel Chijioke

St. Michael’s Church Osina

Pastor = Rev. Emmanuel Atiable

St. Timothy Church Gabu II

Mission Worker = Bro. Edison Durueke

Anglican Church Uchu

Misson Worker = Bro. Sunday Ogar